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Cushelle Toilet Tissue

A bathroom-hygiene essential, we use it every day to stay clean and hygienic. But really the best toilet tissue is the one that makes you and your loved ones feel comfortable and cared for too. Cushelle toilet tissue is designed to do just this: it is made differently, making it oh so soft and highly absorbent, so it helps you feel clean, comfortable and confident, every day.

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Cushelle Facial Tissue

With good days and bad days, allergies and colds, and the runny noses and tears that come with them, having a box of tissues or tissue pack to hand is one of those everyday hygiene essentials. Tissues help stop the spread of germs and they keep noses clean, but the very best facial tissues are those that take care of delicate skin too. That’s why Cushelle tissues are specially designed to be both really soft and really strong. The soft tissues are so strong, in fact, that they even survive an accidental trip through the washing machine!   

Whether you’re looking for tissues for the office, classroom or home, here you’ll discover Cushelle’s full tissue range. From pocket packs to tissue boxes with fun designs, there’s something here to suit every need.