4 tips on how to blow baby’s nose

4 tips on how to blow baby’s nose

Your nose is blocked, your mouth is dry. You feel it coming, the tickle in your face. And then, there it is. That blissful relief that only comes from blowing your nose. Suddenly, you feel like a whole new person.  

This wonderful feeling, however, is not one that comes so easily for young children. And that’s why we often need to give babies a helping hand when it comes to clearing their noses in the first few years of life.  

Many people wonder ‘how can I unblock my baby’s nose naturally?’. Not exactly sure how to clean baby’s nose? Not to worry. In this article, we’re going to cover these 4 tips on how to unblock baby’s nose mucus:  

  1. Thinning the mucus.  
  2. Extracting the mucus.  
  3. Loosening up the mucus.  
  4. Wiping your baby’s nose.  

This guide will also show you how to blow a baby’s nose and how to blow a child’s nose when they’re a bit older. And remember, you can always reach out to your child’s doctor with any questions you may have—or just to get a little peace of mind. 

How to clean baby nose - 4 easy steps 

Why your newborn has blocked nose full of mucus the first place is a good question. A blocked nose is common in babies and is usually due to normal mucus that collects in the nose. This can be difficult for a baby to clear themselves at such a young age!1  

After all, it’s not like they can blow their noses with a tissue like we would – which is why it’s important that we know how to do it for them. So, here’s your how to blow on cleaning baby’s nose mucus: 

  1. White-line illustrated GIF on a purple background of a hand using a saline drip in each nostril of a block nose newborn. Start by thinning the mucus, so that it moves through the nasal passages more easily. You can do this by keeping your baby hydrated or by putting a drop of saline in each nostril while your baby is lying on their back.2 
  2. Illustrated GIF of a hand squeezing a bulb syringe and releasing while the nozzle is at the newborn blocked nose, to suck in air and mucus. Try extracting the mucus with a bulb syringe (also known as a nasal aspirator). Start by squeezing it to depress the bulb, and then gently insert it into the middle of one of your baby's nostrils. Release the bulb to open it, and it will suck in air and mucus. Carefully remove it and repeat the process for the other nostril. And don’t forget to clean out the nasal aspirator thoroughly in some warm soapy water when you’re finished.3
  3. Illustrated GIF of a slightly distressed baby with newborn blocked nose sitting upright between two moving white lines representing steam. If the blockage persists, and you still need to figure out how to clear a baby’s blocked nose, try sitting in an upright position with your little one in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes.4 When the mucus has loosened up, repeat step 2 in your handy guide on how to clean out baby’s nose blockages. 
  4. Finish by wiping your baby’s nose with a soft tissue Finish by wiping your baby's nose with a soft facial tissue, with a facial tissue that’s specifically designed to be gentle on delicate skin, like Cushelle. This will leave them with a cleared out, unstuffed nose—and soft skin!  

How to blow a baby’s nose:

Now that you know how to deal with a blocked nose, let’s discuss the opposite situation: how to help with a runny nose. Runny noses can result in a near-constant stream of mucus, which can gather at the opening of your baby’s nostrils. This can block the airways and become uncomfortable, or even painful.  

If you want to know how to clean baby's nose mucus that has become sticky at the edge of the nostrils, try wiping around the nose frequently with a gentle wet wipe. Knowing how to unblock baby’s nose mucus in this way will prevent it from getting crusty and sore.  

Keep a packet of Cushelle tissues on hand to clear up runny noses when you’re on the go. They’re soft on young skin, but strong too – they’ll even hold together if you accidently leave them in the wash.

How to blow a child's nose when they’re a bit older 

One of the first steps your child will take on the road to developing healthy hygiene is learning how to blow their nose themselves. It doesn’t always come naturally to them, so knowing how to blow a child’s nose starts with showing them the basics: how to breathe out of their nose. Here are some fun tips on how to blow a child’s nose: 

  • Encourage kids to discover their nasal passages by asking them to snort out like a dragon or like a bull while you hold a tissue underneath.  
  • Put a cold mirror under their nose and show them how they can make white patterns of condensation on the mirror if they breathe out through their nose.  
  • Light some birthday candles and see if they can blow them out by breathing out only through their nose. Always supervise carefully here and make sure their face and hair stay clear of the flame.   

The point is, there are loads of ways you can make this lesson in basic hygiene fun for your little ones! Keep in mind, we might be experts at nose blowing, but we’re not medically trained. So, if your little one’s blocked or runny nose persists, make sure you book an appointment with your doctor.   

Keep a colourfully designed kids’ tissue box, like Cushelle, in high-traffic areas of the house. Little ones will be more likely to reach for a tissue at the right time if there’s one to hand.

Remember, practice makes perfect—and that goes for both you and your tiny human! With a little positive reinforcement and a few imaginative activities to make this lesson in hygiene fun, they’ll be well on their way to developing healthy habits.  

There you go ‘how can I unblock my baby’s nose naturally’ answered! Try these tips at home and before you know it, you’ll know how to clean a baby’s runny nose and blocked nasal passageways like a pro. And then, just when you’ve mastered this less-than-glamorous skill, your child will start blowing their nose all on their own!  


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How to Blow a Baby's Nose

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