Home remedies for mosquito bites that will help relieve itching

Mosquito biting a human hand

Ever wondered how to treat mosquito bites at home? After a summer picnic, you might get home to find a mosquito has made a picnic out of you. If one of these little predators has bitten you and you don’t have any specialist products for treating mosquito bites, there is an easy way to find a home treatment for mosquito bites using things you have around the home. Here are some simple homemade remedies for mosquito bites.

1. The simplest mosquito bite remedy: ice

Ice is the best home remedy for mosquito bites if you don’t have much to hand – all you need is a simple ice cube. Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling, making it perfect for angry mosquito bites.

Just wrap an ice cube in a strong tissue and hold it on the bite. You’ll feel the ice start relieving the mosquito bite’s itchiness almost immediately but keep the ice in place for at least 10 minutes for the full effect.

These homemade remedies for mosquito bites aim to soothe sore and itchy bites as much as possible, so make sure you apply them with a soft tissue.

2. Relieving mosquito bites with honey

Often cited as the best home remedy for mosquito bites, honey has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Applying a small amount of honey to a mosquito bite can help to reduce inflammation and heal without infection, especially if you’ve been scratching it (yes, it’s hard to resist).

Apply a pea-sized blob of honey to the bite, or more if this doesn’t cover the affected area. Then, cover with a soft facial tissue and allow it to stick on top (to prevent the honey from getting on anything else).

Warning: This remedy should be applied indoors only, as the honey could attract more insects! Be sure to wash the honey off the bite before you go outside again.

3. Crushed basil on mosquito bites: home remedies for itchy bites 

Not only tasty on pasta, basil is another great home treatment for mosquito bites. It contains natural compounds that help soothe mosquito bite itchiness, and it may even reduce inflammation.

Chop up some fresh basil leaves and lay them on a strong, soft tissue. With a blunt tool, like the back of a spoon, crush the leaves together to release the oils and juices onto the tissue. Then, hold the tissue over the bite until you feel it relieving the mosquito bite.

If you don’t have any basil, try sliced or diced onion for treating mosquito bites. Home remedies like onion and basil are great for insect bites as they not only reduce irritation but also act as a natural insect repellent when you leave them on, so they’re perfect for when you want to stay outside in the sun!

With these home remedies for mosquito bites, swelling and itching are easily tackled – and you can get back to enjoying the summer!

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