How to relieve watery eyes during a cold

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Watery eyes can be a bit of an obstacle when you’re trying to appear pulled together despite having a cold. So, what helps watery eyes with a common cold? With our top tips and tricks below, you’ll be able to get on with your day-to-day life. Sniffing and watery eyes often accompany each other, so we’ll also go through what to do when your cold brings both of them to the party.

What helps watery eyes with a common cold?

Watery eyes are a symptom of colds. And a remedy for watery eyes during a cold like the ones below, along with the right supplies, will help you cope with the waterworks. These tips specifically help watery eyes with a cold:

  • Cleaning. Keeping your eyes clean with a gentle wash helps to remove any debris or irritants, which is also helpful when you’re suffering from allergies.
  • Cold compress. Cool temperatures can, ironically, relieve this symptom of the common cold. A watery eyes home remedy to ease heat and prickliness involves placing a cool, clean flannel over your eyes for as long as necessary.
  • Massage. A gentle eyelids massage could pep up the natural functions of your eyes during a cold. This method helps by stimulating the oil glands in your eyelids.
  • Be prepared. When you have watery eyes with a common cold, it’s important to have the right kit with you when you’re out and about. That includes a quality pack of soft tissues, to help wipe your eyes whenever the need arises.

Those are the specifics on how to help watery eyes with a cold, but what about when you’re dealing with both sniffing and watery eyes? Watery eyes with a cold demand some slightly different approaches.

How to help watery eyes and a cold – at once!

It’s common to experience a runny nose and tearful eyes at the same time, so here are some general tips to deal with these sorts of cold symptoms:

  • Rest. Your immune system will be busy expending energy on getting rid of the virus that has caused your sniffing and watery eyes, so by getting lots of rest you’ll help remove the virus more quickly.
  • Stay hydrated. Sipping water regularly and eating clear chicken broth will help your mucus to thin and therefore drain faster from your nose. It will also help restore those fluids that have been lost due to your runny nose and watery eyes.
  • Use a warm compress. The warmth of a damp, clean flannel over your nose and eyes can help soothe watery eyes. With a runny nose, it can help ease congestion.

With these tips you can help deal with your watery eyes that’re a symptom of a cold. Common cold reactions often include runny eyes with a cold, but you’ll be one step ahead of that pesky pair with these approaches.

If your symptoms don’t improve within a few weeks, we recommend seeing a doctor.


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