Cushelle Original 50% Longer Lasting Toilet Tissue

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Available in multiples of
  • 2-ply
  • Average 270 sheets per roll
  • Average sheet size 117mm x 104.5 mm
  • Average roll length 31.59 m
  • Available in 6 roll, 12 roll and 16 roll
Product description

50% Longer lasting rolls. Run out less often. Fewer roll changes. Irresistible softness and highly absorbent. Increased recycled plastic in our packaging. Use with wipes for a Fresher Feeling. 

Cushelle Original Toilet Tissue 50% Longer Lasting Rolls*. Cushelle Original is made with Micro Air pockets that make it ooh sooo soft and highly absorbent for a comfortable clean feeling every time. Now longer rolls, so if it seems like it’s lasting longer, that’s because it is! Use with Cushelle Fresh Toilet Wipes for a fresher, cleaner feeling. With the new QR code on pack, you can scan and find out more about what goes into our products, to help give you peace of mind that Cushelle products are sourced responsibly. 

Cushelle packaging can be recycled in store**, and we use recycled plastics in our packaging to reduce CO2*** We’ve partnered with ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity to provide education and resources for improving childhood continence. Scan the QR code on pack to find out more.

  1. 50% Longer Lasting Rolls, compared to standard rolls.
  2. in the UK, please check on for your nearest collection point. In Ireland, this packaging can be recycled with your household recycling collection.
  3. compared to previous Cushelle packaging.