5. Ongoing consumer contact - Meet Jennie

It’s important to us that our products work for everyone. So we’re always ready to hear what you’ve got to say about our products, good or bad. Every complaint or opinion is important to us. 

Other pillars of protection

Jenny knows how important care and attention is. She helps monitor our products to make sure they remain safe, even after they leave the factory. If we receive a complaint, she handles it straight away to work out the best way to fix it. If the complaint is serious, a team of product safety and medical experts is assembled within 48 hours to correct the problem. If – and this happens very rarely – a product has a safety flaw, we let the relevant authorities know, and then plan and execute a recall. And we always keep you in the loop throughout the process. 

Got questions?

Our team addresses some of the most frequently raised topics.

Got questions?