Stinging nettle remedy: Home remedies for nettle stings

A growth of common nettle also known as urtica

It wouldn’t be the great outdoors without its share of obstacles and surprises – and sometimes, that includes nettle stings. Nettle stings are certainly the less fun part about nature. The good news is that with a good stinging nettle remedy on hand, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Here you’ll discover the best thing for nettle stings when you’re out and about, and how to create a soothing nettle rash home remedy.

Important: If you’re experiencing difficulty breathing after a nettle sting, or if your nettle sting hasn’t disappeared in over 24 hours, seek emergency medical advice immediately.

Home remedies for nettle stings

Before we discuss a home remedy for a nettle sting, it helps to know what causes the sting in the first place. Nettles have stinging hairs on their stem and on the edges of their leaves. These hairs act like a needle which transfers histamine and formic acid into the surface of your skin.

The best thing for nettle stings is to avoid touching the rash for the first 10 minutes. This will make it much easier to relieve the rash with one of these home remedies:

  • Dock leaves. The wilderness may have stung you, but it also provides a handy solution. Dock leaf sap makes for a great nettle rash home remedy. It contains antihistamine which counteracts and soothes nettle stings. You can identify them by their large, green, oval leaves. Rub them gently on the area of the sting to relieve the rash.
  • Baking soda. Baking soda is the simplest home remedy for nettle stings. It’s an alkaline which neutralises the nettle sting’s acid. Mix a few drops of cold water with some baking soda in a cup. Then, spread it over the sting using a gentle Cushelle tissue – they’re soft enough to relieve stings gently, but strong enough to administer the mixture effectively.
  • Wash it. Soap is also an alkaline. Run cold water over your sting, then use a soft tissue, cold water, and some diluted dish soap to clean the area. If you want to be really thorough, try using sticky tape or a wax strip to remove any of the nettle’s hairs that might still be in your skin.

Nettle histamines are easier to clean and treat when they’re dry!

There you have it: three simple home remedies for nettle stings. The area should start to calm down within 30 minutes or so after administering one of these remedies. While these nettle sting remedies are both simple and effective, try preventative care by wearing more protective clothing on your next adventure.

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