5 beauty hacks that will streamline your on-the-go routine

Woman smiling while removing makeup with a facial wipe

With shopping, the school run and meetings to run to and from every day, feeling and looking fresh – and staying organised while you do it – can be a challenge. That’s where these makeup beauty hacks will come in handy.

From how to remove makeup on the go to ensuring that your collection of products is useful and hygienic, read on for our helpful makeup tips and tricks that will streamline your routine and have your makeup bag ship-shape in no time. Plus, we’ll even show you how to remove makeup without wipes!

Keep a packet of new Cushelle tissues in your makeup bag for dealing with smudges, blotting away excess shine, cleaning up brushes and removing makeup. They’re so strong, they’ll even survive the washing machine if they’re accidentally left in your pocket, and the best part is that they’re really soft as well.

1. Invest in the right bag

If you’ve got a passion for makeup, it is likely that your makeup bag is so full that it’s almost impossible to see what is inside, making it a nightmare to organise. When it comes to on-the-go makeup tips and tricks, there’s nothing more practical and convenient than having a makeup bag that’s going to make finding everything super easy. Try a drawstring variety that opens out flat to reveal your beautifully organised products, or one with plenty of compartments and sections for keeping things organised. It’s also a good idea to choose a bag with a wipeable inner lining for easily wiping away those inevitable makeup explosions.

2. Have a clear out every two weeks…

Everyone has a favourite lipstick and trusty old mascara that they can always rely on, but old makeup can harbour lots of germs! Not so pretty, right? Once a fortnight, trying clearing out your makeup bag and its contents. Any makeup past its best should be binned and anything that you don’t use regularly can either be stored away for special occasions or cleaned up and donated to the kids’ fancy dress box!

3. … and a quick daily wipe-around

Makeup is messy, and it can very quickly congeal and cake into any corner or crevice, which is a recipe for germs and greasy fingers every time you reach into your makeup bag. We don’t always have time to do a deep-clean, but keeping things fresh is easy if you get into the habit of having a daily wipe-around. Use a tissue to wipe applicators, brushes and makeup bag corners every day or so. A strong tissue – like Cushelle – will hold together even if you dampen it to tackle those stubborn areas.

4. Make your makeup bag work harder

Making the contents of your makeup bag work harder will mean you don’t have to. Invest in cosmetics that have multiple uses: a rose tint, for example, can be used instead of traditional blusher, as well as a lip colour. Make sure any tools are equally as multi-purpose. A handy pair of scissors will cut nails breakages when you’re on-the-go and they can be used to cut out clothes labels or stray threads. A packet of strong tissues is also one of the most multi-purpose makeup bag essentials around, which brings us to…

5. Always keep a packet of tissues handy

Facial tissues work hard, especially when they are strong and really soft. Choose an on-the-go packet that’s easy to pop into your makeup bag, and a variety that is not only strong enough for wiping, but is soft for a lovely comforting feel on your skin, like Cushelle tissues . Ideal for wiping up makeup spillages, blotting oily faces or correcting small smudges. Knowing how to remove makeup without wipes is easy too and one of our favourite beauty hacks – just add a little makeup remover and wipe away. And don’t worry if Cushelle tissues slip into your pocket and accidentally go through the wash – they are so strong that they will stay intact even if accidentally washed, leaving no fluffy residue on clothing.

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