The essential skiing holiday checklist

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being in the mountains on a fabulous ski holiday, until you realise there’s a bit more space in your suitcase than there should be…

Taking the right clothing and equipment will help you have a smooth and comfortable trip, so you can get out on the slopes without any worries! Download our essential checklist for ski holidays to make sure you don’t leave anything behind on your next trip to the slopes.

Ski holiday packing list: 10 essentials

  1. Skiwear. Wearing the right outerwear will keep you warm and dry and make sure you’re prepared for all conditions. Waterproof ski jackets and trousers (pants or salopettes) are an absolute must.
  2. Ski gloves. Everyone knows that a good pair of ski gloves is essential but inner gloves can be an overlooked addition to your ski holiday list. Add them to keep your hands cosy and warm.
  3. Helmet. Safety is a huge part of skiing so a high-quality helmet is an essential component of any ski holiday list. It’s strongly advised to measure your head and ensure your helmet is a good fit – your helmet should not move freely or shake separately from your head but should not feel tight or squeeze your head either.
  4. Eyewear. Specialist eyewear is essential and should sit near the top of any packing list for ski trips. Add sunglasses for those glorious blue skies and ski goggles for the best vision whilst flying down the mountain.
  5. Skin protection. Even though you’re usually dealing with freezing temperatures, the skies are often blue and the sun surprisingly strong. Add in biting cold winds and it’s no wonder your skin becomes dry and cracked. To counter the potential risks from the weather, be sure to pack plenty of high SPF sunscreen and moisturising lip balm.
  6. Warm clothing. It’s not only coats, jackets and ski gloves that’ll stop you from freezing. Add plenty of warm clothing to your list for ski trip clothing to wear underneath your outer layers. Think thermals, warm ski socks and base layers.
  7. Non-ski clothes. There’s plenty more to a skiing holiday than the slopes themselves. You’ll be spending lots of time off your skis or board, and that means your checklist for ski holidays needs to include warm clothing you can wear off the slopes. Think comfortable snow boots, cosy scarves, warm gloves and beautifully soft beanie hats.

    Pop a packet of Cushelle facial tissues in your coat pocket or bag before hitting the slopes. They’re the versatile ally for everything from dealing with runny noses or smudged makeup, to wiping down snowy skiwear before après.

  8. First aid kit. Even the best skier could encounter a few minor scrapes, bumps and bruises during their trip. Keep a small kit of essentials like plasters, antiseptic and bandages in a package that’s compact enough to take with you on the slopes.
  9. Travel insurance. It’s tough to know what’ll happen on a ski holiday. Get some travel insurance before you go so, you’re prepared for any injuries.

There you have it, your definitive skiing checklist. Use this to pack everything you need and have a great time on the slopes!


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