How to tidy your room (for kids!): Cushelle’s top tips on how to clean your room

How to tidy your room (for kids!): Cushelle’s top tips on how to clean your room

Does your heart sink when your mum or dad asks you to tidy your room? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But imagine if it didn’t have to feel like a chore; imagine if it was actually fun! You’ll be amazed how easy and satisfying it is with our guide on how to tidy your room and downloadable tidying chart. Keep reading if you want to learn how to tidy your room fast!

How to clean your room: make a plan

It might be tempting to tidy your room by hiding all your toys under the bed and stuffing your clothes into any drawer, but you’ll feel much more satisfied if you do a thorough job. Ask your parents what exactly they’d like to see in your tidy room and find out if they have any tips for cleaning your room. Do they want to see all of the floor? Should you get your dirty clothes ready to wash? Do they want you to make your bed?

Write down what they say and use it to make a list of things you need to do for a tidy room. If you need some tidy bedroom ideas, here’s an example of what that list might look like:

  1. Put all toys in their places
  2. Throw rubbish in the bin
  3. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  4. Fold clean clothes and put them away in my wardrobe
  5. Put away the pens, pencils, crayons and paper on my desk
  6. Make the bed – and maybe ask for clean linen!

Once you’ve checked off everything on your list, you can declare your room tidy – so then it’s time to call your parents in and see if they agree! Also, if you need more help keeping on the dirty clothes front, then check out our guide on the ultimate laundry routine for kids!

Find out where everything goes

Knowing how to tidy your room starts with finding a place for everything to live. Here’s a good starting point to find out how to clean your room:

  • Clothes go in the wardrobe or the chest of drawers
  • Rubbish goes in the bin
  • Books go on shelves
  • Pens and pencils go in pencil pots – if you don’t have one, we have a guide on how to make a pencil pot using Cushelle toilet roll tubes! 

If you’re not sure where something goes, you can ask your parents or an older brother or sister. Clever storage ideas are key when tidying up your room. Re-use empty boxes to keep little things like toy figures, art supplies, jewellery, or anything you don’t want to lose – just make sure you label them clearly, so you know what’s inside.

Re-using one-time-use plastic and cardboard boxes to store knick-knacks can help to reduce waste at home and reduce your carbon footprint! Our cardboard Cushelle tissue boxes are recyclable in one piece so you can just pop them in the paper recycling bin when you don't need them anymore. Easy!

Tidy up your room (and make it fun)

Knowing how to tidy your room fast will come naturally if you make a fun game out of it. Here are a few ideas for messy bedroom cleaning games so you don’t get bored!

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much you can clear away in that time. If you’ve got brothers or sisters, why not make it a competition?
  • Pick a colour and look for things of that colour to tidy away. When you’ve run out of things in that colour, take a quick break and move onto a different one.
  • Put on some songs you love while you tidy your room. Singing and dancing along makes tidying up go much faster! Or, if you’d rather, put an audio book or podcast on.

Try setting up a mini recycling station in your room to collect recyclable plastic, tin cans, cardboard and paper. By responsibly dividing and recycling waste, you can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Keep up the good work

Knowing how to clean your room doesn’t end after you’ve done it just once. It’ll be much easier to do it next time if you keep looking out for things to put away. You can keep your game going by challenging yourself to find and put away 10 things every day before you have your supper. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to tidy your room when you’ve been doing that for a while!

Here’s the last of our room-cleaning tips: print out our guide and add stickers to it. Maybe, if you get enough stickers on your "tidy my room" chart, your parents could give you a treat for your hard work at the end of the month – just ask them!

how to tidy your room guide

Now that you have a tidy room, you don’t have to stop there! Why not tackle the rest of the house and take a look at our guide to organising the home? We’ve got tips on storage ideas for your bathroom and how to make DIY makeup organisers.

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How to tidy your room (for kids!): Cushelle’s top tips on how to clean your room

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How to tidy your room (for kids!): Cushelle’s top tips on how to clean your room

Parents on your case about your messy room? Read our guide on how to tidy your room, including our checklist and tips on how to have fun cleaning your room.