Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you struggle to reach for your toothbrush without knocking your moisturiser into the sink? Storing everything from giant bath towels to tiny tweezers, bathrooms can be one of the most crowded spaces in the house, so you're not the only one! Make your bathroom a sanctuary of organisation (and relaxation) with these creative bathroom storage ideas for small spaces.

1. Seize the door space

Your bathroom door is a treasure trove of space and a prime spot for your creative bathroom storage ideas. Hang a cloth caddy organiser at the back the door to store hairbrushes, cosmetics and other accessories. The more hooks you have, the more caddies you can hang.

2. Organise your toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles have a tendency to slip off the side of the bath, so a great bathroom storage idea is to install a hanging shower caddy. Sling a three-tiered shower caddy over your shower screen door to triple your storage space for toiletries. 

3. Utilise your corner space

Another space-efficient bathroom storage idea is to keep your shampoo and conditioner in a shower caddy attached to the corner of your shower, making it easy to access everything you need. Opt for one with suction grips designed to cling onto the wall if you would prefer not to drill holes in the tiles. 

4. Magnetic magic

This is one of the most creative bathroom ideas, and it will save you a lot of time. Install a magnetic strip at the back of your bathroom cabinet door to hold your metal personal hygiene tools such as nail clippers, tweezers, hair clips, eyelash curlers and scissors.

5. Very small bathroom storage ideas: stacked shelving 

When it comes to very small bathroom storage ideas, you can't ignore the precious space above the toilet cistern. Install stacked shelves above your toilet and use them for holding Cushelle toilet rolls, towels and plants.

6. Build a recessed shelf 

This one's a little more DIY-heavy, but it's one of the best bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. Recessed shelves keep your toiletries out of the way, while seamlessly blending in with the design of your shower or bathroom. Just make sure there are no obstacles, such as electrical wiring, in your wall before cutting into it. 

7. Increase shelf life 

One of the all-time great bathroom storage ideas is to make the most of the space either side of your bathroom mirror cabinet. Choose a unit that has shelves either side for easy-access storage for everyday toiletry items such as toothbrushes and combs. If yours doesn't have shelving, try attaching hooks to the side of the unit for hanging towels and clothes.

8. Get a handy towel rail

Installing a hand-towel rail below your sink is one of the best bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. It takes up no extra space in your bathroom, makes it easier for you to dry your hands, and it has the added bonus of keeping your hand towels separate from your shower towels. 

9. Invest in storage baskets

One of the staples of very small bathroom storage ideas is the trusty basket. Baskets are versatile, make the most of otherwise unused floor space, and you can pack in a lot - for example toilet rolls or toiletries. You can put them on stacked shelving, leave them on the floor, or store them at the top of bathroom cabinets.

10. Creative bathroom storage ideas: jar organisers 

Jars are satisfying organisers, but they're also great blank canvases for arts and crafts. Ask the kids to help you decorate them using glass paint, and show them how they're perfect for storing small cosmetics, such as cotton buds, toothbrushes and cotton pads. Either arrange them on a shelf or attach them to a bracket on the wall. 

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