2 Creative Kids' Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Decorating the venue for a kids’ birthday party can be an expensive undertaking, but if you make your own DIY birthday decorations you can save money and have great fun in the process! Our two birthday decoration ideas simply involve a bit of crafting time and a few supplies you’ll no doubt have lying around your home. These homemade party decorations are fun for little ones to make with you, so you can start looking forward to the big event while prepping for it together.

party bunting | Mini piñatas

We recommend that a responsible adult does the cutting and any little assistants can take care of the painting, colouring and assembly.

DIY birthday decorations: party bunting 

Set the scene for a fun-filled birthday party with our colourful cardboard bunting using Cushelle tissue boxes. These party decoration ideas for kids can be used long after the last balloon has burst – simply hang them up in your little one’s bedroom.

Takes about 1 hour

What you’ll need

  • Empty Cushelle tissue boxes
  • Strong kitchen towel
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Colouring pens
  • Needle
  • String
  1. birthday decoration ideas bunting 01Carefully cut open and flatten the empty Cushelle tissue boxes. Then draw and cut out several flag shapes. These are typically triangles, but you can try out other shapes too if you’re feeling creative.
  2. birthday decoration ideas bunting 02Next, paint the cardboard flags in different bright colours, and leave them to dry. The kids will love picking their favourite colours and getting busy with a paintbrush. 
  3. birthday decoration ideas bunting 03Take a sheet of kitchen towel and cut it into 5 cm-wide strips.
  4. birthday decoration ideas bunting 04Colour the strips with bright felt tip pens. Little ones will enjoy getting creative with their colouring.
  5. birthday decoration ideas bunting 05Cut 4 cm-long slits along each strip to make fringing.
  6. birthday decoration ideas bunting 06Cut and glue some strips of fringing along the top of each flag, using a contrasting colour on each.
  7. birthday decoration ideas bunting 07Finally, carefully make a hole in the top corners of each flag and thread onto a length of string.

Mini piñatas homemade party decorations

Make these individual-size hanging treat holders for a fun party game. These homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids to make can even be used as a colourful alternative to party bags. 

Takes about 1 hour

What you’ll need

  • Strong kitchen towel
  • Empty Cushelle toilet roll tubes
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pens
  • Glue stick
  • Small lightweight treats
  • Curling ribbon
  • Skewer or bradawl
  • Ribbon
  • Sticky tape
  1. birthday decoration ideas pinatas 01Cut 5cm x 5cm squares of kitchen towel and glue them to the bottom of each empty Cushelle toilet roll tube.
  2. birthday decoration ideas pinatas 02Next, take some more sheets of kitchen towel and cut into 3cm-wide strips.
  3. birthday decoration ideas pinatas 03Get the kids to colour in the strips with bright pens. Once your little artists are finished, you can then cut 2cm slits along the edge of each to make fringing.
  4. birthday decoration ideas pinatas 04Take an empty toilet roll tube and stick a piece of coloured fringing around the bottom with glue. Continue sticking more layers of fringing around the tube, working up to the top.
  5. birthday decoration ideas pinatas 05Pop some lightweight treats inside the tube, then cut and stick a loop of ribbon to the open top of the tube.
  6. Repeat to make more piñatas and hang them up on a length of ribbon.

With these two birthday decoration ideas you can make a really colourful statement.  All that’s left for you to figure out is where you’ll display these birthday party decoration ideas for kids. At home, in the hallway or in the garden – there are so many places where they’ll look fab!

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