5 cheap-but-hilarious children’s party game ideas

Children standing around a cake on a kids birthday party

Throwing a birthday party for your kids and wondering how to host it without spending a fortune? There are loads of easy kid’s party games that only require things you already have at home. Here are five games to play at kid’s party events using just eggs, toilet paper and pillowcases.

1. Indoor party games for kids: Mystery challenge

There are lots of indoor party games for kids, but this is a classic. Collect a few items from around the house (they can include personal objects, food or toys but make sure they have different textures and sizes) and place them in a pillowcase. Without looking, children have to put their hand inside and guess the objects. Whoever gets the highest number of correct guesses wins!

2. Classic children’s party games ideas: Mummy building 

This is one of the most popular children’s party games ideas and it isn’t just for Halloween. Before starting, divide the children into two groups and get them to choose one person from each group to be the “mummy”. Then, give them a couple of rolls of toilet paper and two minutes to wrap their mummy as best as they can. A strong-but-gentle toilet paper like Cushelle is ideal for this game. Once wrapped, see which mummy can walk or move the best.

3. Outdoor party games for kids: Treasure hunt

Outdoor party games for kids are a great way to let them work off some of their energy. Try hiding a a box of treats somewhere outside the house. Write down the name of the place where you hid it in big, capital letters and then carefully tear the paper to separate the letters. Hide each paper letter in different locations. Get the kids to go looking (you might want to give them a few clues) and then see how long it takes them to rearrange the letters and find the main prize. This works best in gardens or local parks, just be sure to always supervise children in public areas.

4. Toddler party game ideas: Toilet paper bowling

Easy to organise and extremely fun, this is one of the best toddler party game ideas and only needs a few things. Simply get two toilet paper rolls and some paper cups or cones, place the cups at a distance of 6-8 metres from each player in a triangular shape. The objective of the game is to hit as many cups as possible by rolling the toilet paper at them (throwing won’t be counted). One point is awarded for each cup or cone knocked down.

For extra fun points, why not have a crafting session before the party to decorate the skittles?

5. Egg and spoon race

Whether you’re looking for birthday party games for kids or trying to organise an old-fashioned school sports day, the egg and spoon race is always a great choice. To start, line up children in two rows and give each guest a spoon. Balance a fresh egg on it and get them to race at the starting whistle. The first person to reach the finish line – with their egg intact – is the winner. Part of the fun is that it gets a little messy, so it’s best to keep this game outside the house.

Birthday games are great fun, but they can get messy! Keep some Cushelle Pocket Pack Tissues on hand just in case of any spills!

Those are just five of the many easy kid’s party games that parents can organise without having to break the bank, or even do much shopping. To host a party where kids can play and have fun you don’t need to spend a fortune. The best games to play at kids party events are those that bring everyone together, so try one of these games and get all the kids involved.

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