2 Easy Pom Pom Crafts: Making pom poms with wool 

2 Easy Pom Pom Crafts: Making pom poms with wool

Pom poms are the perfect starting point for many children’s crafts, from cute chicks and fluffy white bunnies at Easter to podgy snowmen and Santas at Christmas. Are you wondering how do you make a pom pom, or more specifically, how to make pom poms with wool and recycled packaging at home?  

Our handy guide shows two easy ways for making pom poms using empty Cushelle toilet rolls and cards from an empty box or regular piece of cardboard. Let’s start with some easy pom pom craft. 

Tip: When making pom poms, we recommend that a responsible adult does the cutting, and any little assistants can take care of the assembly.

1. Making pom poms out of toilet roll tubes  

This easy method for making pom poms with wool uses two Cushelle toilet roll tubes to make one large fluffy pom pom. Here’s how to make fluffy pom poms out of toilet roll tubes: 

Takes 20 minutes 

What you’ll need

  • 2 Cushelle toilet roll tubes 
  • Wool 
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Making Pom Poms Toilet Roll 01 Create the body of your pom pom. First, place two toilet roll tubes side by side. Start wrapping the wool around the middle, trapping the loose end inside. Continue wrapping many times, building up a good amount of wool. 
  2. Making Pom Poms Toilet Roll 02 Tie around the middle. Your second step is to take another length of wool and tie it around the bundle, in between the two toilet roll tubes. Tie a tentative knot.
  3. Making Pom Poms Toilet Roll 03 Take the pom pom off the tubes. Gently push the wool bundle away from the tubes with its loose knot still around the middle. Now, tie the length of wool tight around the middle, and knot to secure the wool bundle in place. 
  4. Making Pom Poms Toilet Roll 04 Cut the loops. Carefully cut around the outer looped edges of the wool bundle with sharp scissors. An adult should do this part.
  5. Making Pom Poms Toilet Roll 05 Fluff your pom pom into shape. Use your fingers to shape the finished pom pom and trim any straggly ends with the scissors.  

There are lots of creative things you can do with loo roll besides our pom pom craft ideas, so definitely take a look at our most creative toilet roll crafts around. You can make anything from flying fish to cityscapes!

2. Making wool pom poms with cardboard circles

When making pom poms with cardboard circles you can use the cardboard from a flattened empty Cushelle tissue box to make any size pom pom – the larger the rings, the bigger the pom pom! Here’s how to make fluffy pom poms with cardboard circles: 

Takes 30 minutes 

What you’ll need

  • Empty tissue box
  • Small tumbler or similar circular object 
  • Coin  
  • Wool  
  • Sharp scissors
  1. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 01 Cut out the outside of your cardboard circle. Cut open and flatten the empty tissue box. Place the tumbler on the card, draw around it twice and cut out both circles. 
  2. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 02 Draw holes in the middle of the circles. Place the coin in the middle of the circles, and draw around it using a pencil.
  3. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 03 Cut out the inner holes. Hold the two circles together and cut a small thin wedge from the outside to the middle, then cut out the inner circle to make a doughnut shape. 
  4. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 04 Start making your pom pom. Starting from one edge of your doughnut circle shape, go around the ring wrapping your wool around lots of times – the thicker you wrap, the fuller and fluffier the pom pom will be. 
  5. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 05 Cut around the edges. Once you are happy with the amount of wool around the rings, push the scissors in-between the cardboard rings, and start snipping. Make sure that pieces of wool don’t fall out of the central hole.
  6. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 06 Wrap some wool around the rings. Cut another length of wool and carefully wrap it around in between the cardboard rings. This will hold the pom pom wool together. 
  7. Making Pom Poms Tissue Box 07 Tie your pom pom together. Tie as tightly as possible, then remove the rings and ‘fluff’ and trim your pom pom.

What else can you make with your pom pom crafts? 

As you can see from these two tutorials, once you’ve learned how to make pom poms with wool, the sky’s the limit! Here’s a whole list of DIY craft projects that begin with making pom poms: 

  1. Pom pom earrings: Attach mini pom poms to earring hooks in just a few extra steps to make a statement pair of earrings in your favourite colours. 
  2. Pom pom Christmas ornaments: Add these to your family’s collection of Christmas ornaments and customize them with initials for every member.  
  3. Wooly wall art: Adorn your room with pom pom garlands, wall-hangings or even large photo frames. 
  4. Pom pom keychains: Wool pom poms make perfect keychains – cute, colourful and weightless! 
  5. Pom pom bouquets: Create colourful, uplifting pom pom “flower” arrangements that will never wilt!  
  6. Pom pom crowns: Make flower crowns a thing of the past and wear colourful pom pom crowns instead. 
  7. Hand-made cards: Use pom poms to decorate your own hand-made masterpieces – from animals to abstract designs, the world is your oyster! 
  8. Pom pom bunting: For an original take on party décor, why not hang colourful pom poms from a string instead of the traditional triangles? 
  9. Pom pom bookmarks: Make reading more fun by joining a woollen string to little pom poms and creating colourful bookmarks! 
  10. Rug or blanket trimming: Stitch pom poms across the bottom of a plain blanket or rug to revamp it! Pick monochrome shades for a cosy, chic look, or go wild with a funky rainbow.  
  11. Easy DIY dress-up: Attach wool pom-poms to a plain outfit and hat to create a super-easy clown or jester costume. 
  12. Homemade toy animals: With a few extra craft items, you can easily turn a couple of pom poms into a new fluffy friend for you and your loved ones. Try these ideas: 
  • Sheep: tie one big white pom pom (for the body) to one smaller black pom pom (for the face). Then, push two black pipe cleaners through the body part and bend to make legs. Finish with glue-on googly eyes. 
  • Teddy bear: This one requires a few more pom poms: one big one for the body, one medium one for the head, four small ones for the legs and two teeny ones for the ears! 
  • Halloween spooks: Thread more black pipe cleaners through black pom poms to make spiders or attach black cardboard wings for bats! Try out more of our spooky seasonal crafts here. 

There you go, ‘how do you make a pom pom’ answered. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild and create all kinds of fun things after you’ve discovered how to make pom poms with cardboard. Now you’ll be a pom pom craft genius, and you’ll be making pom poms with wool at every opportunity! 

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