How to Make Paper Flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers

Have you always wanted to learn how to make paper flowers? Well, now’s your chance, and the good news is that knowing how to make paper flowers at home isn’t as fiddly as it sometimes looks! You’ll be doing your bit by recycling used toilet roll tubes, as they’re made from kitchen towel and empty Cushelle toilet roll tubes. This craft takes a bit of time to prepare, but the kids will enjoy dyeing the paper, and the colourful result will be worth the wait! 

Ready to fill your homes with our beautiful recycled blooms? Read on to learn how to make paper flowers for kids.

What you’ll need

  • Cushelle toilet roll tubes
  • Strong kitchen towel
  • Pink and yellow food colouring
  • Bowl
  • Water 
  • Newspaper 
  • Pencil 
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape 
  • Green paper
  • Glue
  1. how to make paper flowers for kids 01Pour some water into a bowl and add some pink food colouring. Mix, and then dip the first piece of kitchen towel in the coloured water. Remove and lay on some sheets of newspaper to dry. Repeat with yellow dye. This takes time, but the kids should be sufficiently fascinated by the process to stick with it!
  2. how to make paper flowers for kids 02Once dry, fold each sheet of dyed kitchen towel in an accordion style, and then cut each folded bundle in half. 
  3. how to make paper flowers for kids 03Draw rounded petal shapes on one end of each of the pink folded paper bundles, and pointed edge petals on the yellow. Cut out with scissors.
  4. how to make paper flowers for kids 04Open out the kitchen towel petals and separate the layers. Then take a yellow layer and scrunch the bottom edge together. Hold in place with some sticky tape.
  5. how to make paper flowers for kids 05Wrap a pink petal layer around the yellow, and then repeat with a second layer. Scrunch at the bottom and tape as before.
  6. how to make paper flowers for kids 06To make the stems, first cut the toilet roll tubes into different sized lengths. Then measure and cut pieces of green paper to cover each, and roll and stick in place with glue. This sticky step is always a favourite with little ones!
  7. how to make paper flowers for kids 07Apply some glue around the rims of the stems, and pop the paper flowers inside. Leave them to dry and then, hey presto – your very own homemade blooms.

Now that you’ve learned how to make paper flowers at home you can vary the colours and petal shapes to create your own customised blooms. How about trying blue, purple, orange and red? You could make a paper flower bouquet to give to a loved one to brighten their home too, or present grandparents with their own bunch on their birthday. With simple paper-flower-making techniques like this, the kids can get involved in the crafting too.

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