5 unexpected items that should be on any hospital bag checklist for mum and baby

A neat pile of baby's clothes on a bed with a pregnant women sat in the background

With just a matter of weeks until you welcome your little one into the world, you’ve probably started thinking about what to bring when giving birth in hospital. This is about more than just packing a change of clothes and toiletries; this is about creating a birth hospital bag checklist that’ll help you feel calm, comforted and cool headed.

If this is your first child, you’re no doubt asking yourself questions like: ‘what do you need in the hospital for childbirth?‘ and ‘what do you need for a birth bag?’, which is where this article comes in handy. Read on to discover five key items you’ll definitely want to have in your hospital bag birth pack.

1. Packing a hospital bag with a comfy nightdress

What needs to go in a hospital bag? First up in our rundown of what belongs in the hospital bag for birth is a comfortable nightdress. When it comes to figuring out what to bring when giving birth in hospital, home comforts like a favourite night dress will make all the difference.

Other favourite items – the ones that will bring a sense of normality to what will be a mind-blowing day – should also go in when packing hospital bag. Birth is an amazing but surreal experience, and having a couple of familiar things from home will provide a touch of comfort.

2. Nursing bras

Next up, don’t forget nursing bras when you’re packing a hospital bag for birth. Choose one made in soft fabrics when packing your hospital bag birth pack and opt for a slightly larger size too… you (will be glad you did when the hungry baby arrives!

3. Slippers and slip-ons

When you’re packing a hospital bag with essentials it’s easy to forget your feet, so don’t forget to add comfy socks, slippers and/or slip-ons to your birth hospital bag checklist. The last thing any pregnant woman needs is to grapple with zips or laces. You’ll be thankful you’ve put something you can just slip your feet into in your hospital bag birth pack.

4. What needs to go in a hospital bag that isn’t clothing or footwear?

Nightdress – check. Nursing bras – check. Slippers – check. Are you wondering what belongs in the hospital bag for birth that isn’t clothing or footwear? Maternity pads are absolute essentials. It’s normal to bleed after birth, and a couple of boxes of heavy-duty pads should definitely go in your hospital bag for birth.

Tears and runny noses are a-plenty during child birth, so keep a packet of comforting soft and strong Cushelle tissues on hand.

5. What do you need for a birth bag to help keep you relaxed?

A few luxury items can make such a big difference in helping you keep calm and keep going. These items can help you or your partner stay as relaxed as possible:

  • Music. Create a playlist of your favourite relaxing tunes on your or your birth partner’s phone.
  • Mini speakers. Just in case the music isn’t quite loud enough.
  • Sweets. A bit of sweetness can bring a moment of calm – and some energy!
  • Lip balm. Your lips may seem irrelevant, but a common complaint for new mums is dry lips – pack a good lip balm to keep them moisturised.
  • Massage oil. For essential distraction, relaxation and pampering.

You might have been thinking, ‘what should I pack for the hospital for my baby?’, but now you’ve got plenty of ideas. Put these tips into action and start drawing up your birth hospital bag checklist now – you can never be too organised when baby’s on its way.

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