School supplies list: what you need for the start of term

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The new school year is the ideal time for resolutions and a clean slate. Whether you want to encourage your kids to spread their wings and try new activities or just make sure they do their homework on time, having what you need for the first day of school is a crucial starting point. Put your – and your child’s – best foot forward with these ideas for the first day of school.

The week before checklist: school supplies

Tick off your back to school checklist in the weeks before term begins again to get the best choice of supplies and avoid the stress of a last-minute dash to the shop.

  1. First on the school supplies list is getting the right uniform. Kids have a habit of growing over the long summer break, so get them to try on their uniform a few weeks before the start of term to make sure everything still fits.
  2. Next, it’s time to remind kids to double check their holiday homework. Make sure everything’s complete and ready to go, especially any larger projects.
  3. Then think about basic school supplies – like stationery. Kids can never have too many pens and pencils, but it’s not just these staples you need to consider. The pencil case might need replacing, or at least a good clean.
  4. Finally, check the school’s website or newsletters for details of exactly what they need for the first day of the school term. Each year group may have slightly different ideas for the first day of school.

Back to school checklist: bag must-haves

It’s best to prepare the school bag the night before to avoid panic in the morning. If you do find yourself packing in a hurry, here’s a quick school supplies checklist to tick off. You can always make your own start of school checklist with the kids to help them take responsibility – try adding things like “finish your homework” or “choose a new book” to help them prepare.

  1. To start off the school bag checklist, choose the bag itself! A sturdy rucksack distributes weight evenly and is ideal for kids who are always on the move. If last year’s bag is still intact, pop it in the wash (if the washing instructions allow), or spot clean any dirty areas.
  2. Preparing lunch or lunch money the night before will make the first school morning of the year feel that little bit smoother. Get everyone involved by assigning age-appropriate tasks like buttering bread, adding fillings or packing the lunchbox so everyone has a job.
  3. Now it’s time to check the pencil case. A pencil, pen and eraser are all the basics your child needs, but the school stationary list should tell you any specialist items you need, like protractors or compasses.
  4. Grab the homework and make sure it’s safely tucked in the bag – “I left it at home” isn’t the best start to the new term!

Don’t forget to put a packet of on-the-go tissues in kids’ pockets for when they have the sniffles at school. Cushelle facial tissues are soft on little ones’ faces, but they’re really strong too. There’ll be no laundry disasters if a tissue is accidentally left in a uniform pocket, because the tissues are so strong, they can even survive the wash!

Now all that’s left is to get an early night and a filling breakfast so you and your kids can get ready to enjoy another academic year.

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