Yellow mucus from the nose? Here's what it means

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Teammates are relying on you, there are deadlines to meet and you want to give your job everything you’ve got. We get it. But dealing with a blocked nose and yellow mucus is tiring and uncomfortable, and shouldn’t be downplayed. Besides, you won’t be able to pull off your best business meeting schmooze in this state! The email can wait – you give so much of yourself every day, you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your health before wealth once in a while!  

As tissue after snotty tissue finds its way from nose to bin, you might be wondering, ‘if my mucus is yellow, what does that mean?’ Read on to discover what a thick, yellow nose mucus can be an indication of, and what you can do about it. 

Why do you have mucus in your nose? 

First thing’s first: let’s gain a general understanding of nasal mucus. Yellow mucus is just one shade on the spectrum. Mucus can also be clear, white, or green. And it actually performs a couple of important tasks. 

We have mucus in our nasal passageways to humidify and warm the air we breathe in, making it more comfortable. The mucus also acts as a frontline guard, trapping any nasty potential visitors that might make us ill, such as allergens, bacteria and viruses. And it’s while performing this task that the mucus might change colour, like when we experience yellow nasal mucus. So, while mucus might be mucky, it’s actually here to protect you. 

What does yellow mucus mean 

After sneezing, you might notice that your mucus is bright yellow. Mucus from the nose can be a sign that your body is dealing with a pathogen anything that might cause an illness, such as bacteria or a virus like the common cold – which is why you might experience thick yellow nose mucus. 

Your clever mucus traps the invaders that could lead to illness, and your immune system sends in the cavalry – such as white blood cells – to help destroy the debris. 

So, while your body is working overtime to get you feeling better, it’s important to give it a rest – literally. It's time to indulge in some well-needed self-care. Maybe a warm, bubble bath, and a glass of champagne, while you’re at it? You deserve a little treat, far away from uncomfortable office chairs and emails! 

Yellow mucus out of your nose: what causes it? 

Interestingly, it’s these white blood cells that make the colour of your mucus change – not the bacteria or virus agents themselves. That’s because certain types of white blood cell contain colourful enzymes, which can turn our mucus yellow, or green when they’re very concentrated. So, if you’re blowing your nose and see yellow mucus, that’s why! 

That’s also why snot might turn from yellow to green during the course of an illness like a cold. A cold with yellow snot in the morning might be explained by the mucus sitting in your nose for a prolonged time. The white blood cells could have built up, and therefore tinted your mucus a stronger colour. 

What can I do about yellow snot from my nose? 

As yellow mucus from your nose can be a sign that your body is trying to clear out an infection, it’s a good idea to blow your nose regularly. It’ll help shift all that debris and help make you feel more comfortable. Some of you might get shy about blowing your nose loudly around other people, but when you’re zealously juggling the fourteen deadlines your colleagues left with you before they signed off early, we know no one will mind a little honk of the facial trumpet. 

Dealing with a runny nose is an inconvenience we could all do without, but it’s important that you practice self-care while your body works hard to get you feeling better. Fortunately, Cushelle’s soft* toilet paper with a delicately scented core offers the pampering, selfishly soft moment of tranquillity that you and your skin deserve.


Cold symptoms such as a runny nose with yellow mucus are also a good indication that you need to get plenty of rest, so that your body can focus on getting better. Keep up your fluids to stay hydrated too! So, next time you’ve got a runny nose with yellow mucus, take it as an opportunity to pamper yourself, catch up on sleep, and feel better – so you can get back to doing what you do best: everything. 

Now you know why you might have a blocked nose with yellow mucus. As with anything relating to your health, pay a trip to a medical professional if you’re concerned about your symptoms. 

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