How to soothe a blocked nose

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There's nothing more relieving than the feeling of a blocked nose finally clearing. It’s just a shame that it’s often the last thing to happen when recovering from a cold or flu. To help things move along next time your nose isn’t breathing easy, try these ideas for how to soothe a blocked nose. What causes a sore nose? Whether your sore nose causes are a winter cold, a sinus infection or a hay fever allergy, these tips can help.

Keep Cushelle Pocket Pack Tissues at hand when you want to know how to stop a sore nose – they’re designed to protect skin from irritation when your nose is blocked, but they’re strong enough to withstand a few decent nose-blows. In fact, they’re so strong they’ll even survive a trip through the wash if they’re accidentally left in a pocket!

Cushelle facial tissues are there for your blocked nose and to help with your questions on how to stop nose pain no matter what, but we’re not medical experts. Always seek professional advice if you are worried about a persistent stuffy nose.

1. Hit the shower

As easy as it sounds, having a hot shower or a long bath when you feel congested really helps. This is how to soothe a sore nose using heat, as that helps the network of blood vessels in your nose to open and close more easily, which in turn helps your sinuses to drain.

2. Good old ginger

Our grandparents often tell us about the good old days, and how to soothe a stuffy nose using ginger root. Add 4-5 slices of fresh ginger to a cup of boiling water and leave it to infuse for 5-10 minutes. Drink the water in sips once it has cooled, or soak a cotton cloth in the ginger water and place it on your face for 10 minutes. It’s another example of how to soothe blocked nose using heat. Together with the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, it helps mucus to drain. It also works wonders on sore throats when drunk.

3. Water, water everywhere…

What causes a sore nose? Thick mucus clogging up the nasal passageways is one reason. How does drinking water affect your nose? It’s all about the mechanics. Water, hot drinks and juices will help thin mucus, so it doesn’t clog up thickly and it’s easier to get rid of when you blow your nose.

4. Garlic

You might see it simply as the perfect addition to a nice tomato sauce, but when it comes to how to soothe a stuffy nose, garlic is among the best remedies. Garlic is said to help thin mucus that blocks the nasal passages, and its naturally antibacterial properties are said to reduce inflammation that can contribute to clogged-up airways. Add two mashed garlic cloves to food or boiling water each day, or if you’re daring enough to eat it raw, mash the garlic up and swallow it with honey.

5. Steam and humidifier

How to soothe blocked nose using steam? Whether you choose hot water steam from a pot of boiling water and essential oils, or you have a specially designed humidifier at home, breathing steam works like magic for decongesting your nasal passages and soothing your stuffy nose. Inhale steam a couple of times each day until your nose feels clear.

Next time you have a blocked up nose and want to know how to soothe a sore nose, try one (or several) of these natural home remedies. Another top tip for how to stop a sore nose is to keep a pack of soft Cushelle facial tissues handy so you can blow your nose hygienically.

Using rough tissues is one of the easiest sore nose causes to avoid. When you use soft tissues, it won’t matter how often you need to blow your nose, which will help with knowing how to soothe a sore nose from blowing.

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