How do you make a piñata? DIY piñata tips to try

How do you make a piñata? DIY piñata tips to try

No balloons need be harmed in the making of a DIY piñata . We’ll be showing you how to make a piñata with cardboard, using empty Cushelle facial tissue boxes. This fun design is perfect for anyone’s birthday party! Always wanted to know how to make a piñata? No prob-llama, simply read on…

Takes about 3 hours

What you’ll need

  • 3 empty Cushelle tissue boxes
  • Kitchen roll
  • 2 kitchen toll tubes
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Colouring pens
  • String
  • Pom poms
  • Googly eyes
  1. how to make a pinata 01So, how do you make a piñata’s body? After all, it’s the most important part of your DIY piñata. Let’s say you’re making a llama piñata – take two of the empty Cushelle facial tissue boxes and stick them together with glue.
  2. how to make a pinata 02Then, cut the remaining empty tissue box in half.
  3. how to make a pinata 03To make the llama’s nose, take one of the tissue box halves and cut along its four sides before opening it out flat: it should look like a cross.
  4. how to make a pinata 04Then, cut a triangular section off the corners of the square sides.
  5. how to make a pinata 05Fold and stick the sides together with glue.
  6. how to make a pinata 06Next, glue the nose to the other half-section to form the head, and glue it to the body. Your piñata is really starting to take shape!
  7. how to make a pinata 07Now to make the paper fringing. Measure and cut the kitchen paper into 3cm-wide strips. Make 2cm-long slits along each strip.
  8. how to make a pinata 08Then add glue to the llama, starting at the bottom, working around the body and up to the head.
  9. how to make a pinata 09To make the legs, first measure and cut the kitchen roll tubes into 9cm pieces, remembering to save one of the leftover pieces for the ears.
  10. how to make a pinata 10Glue fringing around the legs, and then stick them to the underside of the llama’s body.
  11. how to make a pinata 11Next, draw and cut out two ears from the leftover piece of kitchen roll tube, cover with fringing and glue to the llama’s head.
  12. how to make a pinata 12Now the fun part! Time to decorate your DIY piñata craft and bring your llama to life! To make some paper tassels, colour a sheet of kitchen paper with pens and cut into 1/2cm strips. Place four strips together and fold over and twist at the top. Then tie some string around the llama’s head and neck and glue the tassels in place.
  13. how to make a pinata 13Add some pom pom trimming around the body and add googly eyes to the head.
  14. how to make a pinata 14The final step in how to make your own piñata is to cut an opening in the top and fill with sweets and confetti, before taping it shut.

It’s time to have fun together and celebrate your DIY piñata craft! Now you know how to make your own piñata; you’re only going to get better!

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