How to make toilet paper origami

Toilet paper roll on wall with folded origami end

One sure sign that a bathroom is super-fancy is toilet roll origami: when the end of the loo roll is folded into an interesting shape. Why not spend a rainy morning taking your own bathroom to the next level, and become an expert at toilet paper folding? We’ve got three easy toilet paper origami shapes for you to master: a fan, bow and rose.

Plus, if you’ve got empty toilet roll tubes to hand, you could also try out our favourite toilet roll crafts: perfect for entertaining the whole family on a rainy day!


Toilet paper origami top tips

Toilet paper roll on wall with folded origami end

Before we get into our three tutorials, we’re going to share some advice to help you make the most of your artistic moment on the toilet! Here are our essential tips, including how to fold toilet paper into a point and what toilet paper to use:

  • When toilet paper folding, it’s important not to slide your fingers along the line too hard, as that could rip the sheet. It’s better to press gently when making your folds.
  • The secret to creating a neat, triangular point is to make sure each side meets exactly in the middle. Do this by bringing the two corners together at the same time, to help line them up. 
  • Flimsy toilet paper will struggle to hold its shape, so go for strong rolls for your toilet roll origami art.

Reduce the number of accidental rips by using strong loo roll, like Cushelle toilet paper. It’s strong enough to withstand paper folding, while being gentle when you need it.

With all these tips on toilet roll folding, you’re now ready to turn your loo paper into beautiful works of art.

How to fold toilet paper into fans

This involves making a perfect triangle, so you’ll be using our top tip on how to fold toilet paper into a point straight away! Here’s how to make a fan:

  1. Begin by tearing off two sheets joined together.
  2. Lay the rectangle on a table in a portrait position (rather than landscape). Fold the bottom edge up, to a depth of your choosing, to create a narrow rectangle. 
  3. Turn the double sheet over, and repeat the process, so that you have another narrow rectangle of the same depth. 
  4. Continue in this concertina/accordion style, turning the sheet over each time, until you reach the end. You’ll now have a narrow, folded rectangle.
  5. Fold the rectangle in half, so that the two ends meet.
  6. Next, return to your full toilet roll, and fold up the bottom edge of the sheet into a thin rectangle like you did before. Fold it over again (without turning over).
  7. Now, lift the sheet up so that you’re working on the back. Fold each corner to join in the middle, to create that perfect triangle point. Lay the sheet flat against the roll.
  8. Finally, place the narrow point of your fan into the little triangular pocket on the roll, and spread out the folds.


How to make toilet paper origami bows 

Toilet paper roll on wall with folded origami end

Now for a pretty bow made out of toilet roll:

  1. Tear off a length of toilet paper that’s seven sheets long.
  2. Fold it under itself on each end of the strip symmetrically, so that half a sheet extends out at each side. Make sure there’s no more than a one-inch gap between the middle folds on the back (they can also meet).
  3. Return to your roll, bring forward two sheets, and tear the perforation on the second sheet at either side, leaving a one-inch section in the middle that continues to connect the sheet to the roll.
  4. Flip the two sheets backwards over the roll, and fold each long edge inwards to the edge of the perforation, to create a long, parallel rectangle. Flip it forwards again.
  5. Go back to the seven-sheet section, and pinch it in the middle to make a bow shape.
  6. Place the middle of the bow at the end of the two-sheet section, and roll it up.
  7. Pinch the middle to hold it in place on top of the roll.


How to make toilet paper origami roses 

Toilet paper roll on wall with folded origami end

We’re finishing with a simple origami rose:

  1. With the toilet roll still on the hanger, pull a sheet towards you (keeping it attached to the roll), and fold it upwards in half, lengthways.
  2. Place your finger on the end, and wrap the paper around it a couple of times.
  3. Using your other hand, lift up some of the attached paper beyond your coil, and push it up underneath, into the middle of the rose.
  4. Wind the roll back up, so that the rose can balance and sit on top.

Congratulations – now you know how to fold toilet paper to create three shapes! If you’ve got the toilet roll folding bug, then you can try some easy animal origami too.

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