Your FAQs answered: What can you flush down the toilet?

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Throwing things down the toilet can be a convenient way of getting rid of waste, but it’s important to know what you can and can’t dispose of in this way. Flushing the wrong thing can impact the environment as well as damaging or blocking your pipes, causing a raft of smelly problems. Here we answer common questions like ‘can you put baby wipes down the toilet’ and even ‘can you throw tampons in the toilet’. Read on for everything you need to know.

What can you flush down the toilet?

Before we get to specific questions like ‘can you flush wet wipes’ let’s look at what you definitely can chuck down the loo. It’s a pretty short list. If you stick to tissue paper, waste water and bodily waste you can’t really go wrong. Water whooshes through, and excrement and tissue paper are easily broken down on their trip to the sewer.

As bathroom tissue is a fragile item, it disperses when soaked in water. That means it breaks down easily and does not linger, unlike many of the other common items we’ll talk about in the next section. Keep a bin right by the toilet, and every time you think about throwing anything other than waste or tissue down your loo, you can think again.

Cushelle toilet paper is safe to flush as it’s biodegradable, meaning it disintegrates when you flush it. It’s a toilet paper you can trust to be strong, made only from material that’s safe to flush.

What shouldn’t be thrown down the toilet?

Now let’s run through some of the most commonly asked questions about what shouldn’t be thrown down the toilet. From medicines to wet wipes, sometimes all you need is a yes or no:

  • Can you throw tampons down the toilet? No!
  • Can you flush wet wipes down the toilet? No!
  • Can you flush baby wipes? Same thing. No!
  • Cardboard tubes? No!
  • How about medicines? No!
  • Facial tissues? No!

There’s a pattern emerging here…

  • How about nappies? Nope!
  • Surely I can throw cotton buds and cotton pads down the toilet, right? No! And No!

Why can’t these things be flushed?

There are a few main reasons:

  1. The sheer bulk of items like nappies just won’t fit through your waste pipes.
  2. The above items don’t break down like toilet tissue and bodily waste products do, therefore increasing the risk of blockages.
  3. They impact on the environment, especially with wet wipes.
  4. Facial tissues although biodegradable are not recommended for flushing because they are very strong and can take longer to break down

But really, can you flush wet wipes down the toilet?

You might be a bit surprised to hear you shouldn’t flush wet wipes, but unfortunately this really is the case. Whilst they may go through your pipes (although why risk it?), they can have a negative impact in many other ways, including:

  • Causing blockages in sewers, and even sewer floods.
  • Increased pollution.
  • Adding waste to our seas, causing a raft of problems for marine life.

It’s worth noting however if your question is in fact ‘can you flush flushable wipes’ down the toilet that’s a different matter. Because these wipes are designed to break down in a way wet wipes don’t, they can be got rid of in this way.

So, the next time someone asks ‘can you throw tampons down the toilet?’, you can give them a well-informed answer – no!

There you have it, answers to the most frequent questions from ‘can you flush baby wipes down the toilet’ to ‘can you flush flushable wipes’. Stick to this advice and not only will you being doing your bit for the environment, you’ll be reducing the risk of stinky blockages too!

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