How to Wipe Properly

how to wipe your bum

Knowing how to clean your bum might seem like common sense, but there are lots of different ways to do it – some more effective than others. Do you think you already know how to wipe your bum properly? You might be surprised to find that a few tweaks to your routine could help leave you feeling more fresh, comfortable and hygienic.

Wiping your bum: which direction?

There are lots of rules in life that are there to be broken, but wiping front to back isn’t one of them. Germs can end up in the wrong place, which can cause problems up front – particularly for girls, as it can increase the risk of urinary tract infections . Help kids remember how to wipe with toilet paper by explaining to them that they wouldn’t wear their clothes back to front, so they shouldn’t wipe back to front either.

What you need for wiping your bum

An important part of learning how to wipe your bum properly is finding the right paper for you. Choosing a toilet paper that’s soft and strong, such as Cushelle, will mean you only need to use a few sheets to feel clean and comfortable.

How to clean your bum – gently

As you gauge how to wipe – and how much pressure to apply – you should keep in mind that the skin in that area is delicate. Finishing with a flushable moist toilet tissue that’s pH-balanced and gentle on skin will help you avoid the need to wipe vigorously. This will reduce the chance of irritation or infection. 

Encourage boys and girls to finish with a moist toilet tissue right from the start of learning how to wipe with toilet paper, so they understand it’s just as important as the initial dry wipe. It’ll help them get cleaner quicker, and avoid skin irritation.

How many times should you wipe?

There’s no set number of times you should wipe when it comes to learning how to clean your bum, but using a toilet paper that’s strong and soft will help you feel comfortable, no matter how many sheets you need. 

The number of sheets of toilet paper (and amount of time and effort) needed will be significantly reduced if you follow up with a moist toilet tissue. When it comes away clean, you know you’re ready to flush.

Should you sit or stand while wiping your bum?

Kids might find it easier to learn how to wipe standing up, but try and encourage them to stay seated, right from potty-training-age. This will help them develop good toilet hygiene habits for when mum and dad aren’t there to supervise.

There you have it: a quick and simple explanation of how to wipe with toilet paper and moist tissue. This should help you feel clean, comfortable and confident after you’ve used the toilet. And don’t forget the most important step of all – wash your hands!

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