10 toilet hygiene rules

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Good hygiene practices are really important in the loo, but how can you help your household remember all the toilet rules? Wall art is a fun and easy way to jog their memories. Download our handy toilet rules printable and stick it up in the loo to help remind everyone. But first, let’s go through each of the bathroom rules in detail.

  1. Close the door. The first of our 10 toilet rules is about the importance of privacy and respect. Closing the door not only gives the toilet user privacy, but also shows respect to everyone else in the family, by keeping toilet business where it belongs.
  2. Wipe from front to back. One of the most important toilet hygiene rules for personal health and hygiene, wiping from front to back can help with the prevention of UTI infections.

    Use toilet paper that’s soft and strong, like Cushelle. It’s thicker and more absorbent than traditional toilet paper, so just one sheet can be enough. Follow up with a Cushelle Fresh moist toilet paper wipe ,to keep your little ones feeling fresh and clean.

  3. Avoid pee splash. When you sit down, positioning yourself correctly over the loo will help pee go where it should. If you stand up to pee, avoiding splash back is all about the angle. Stand as close as possible, and aim carefully.
  4. Clean the toilet seat if necessary. Even with the greatest of care, splashes can happen. That’s no problem though, if you quickly wipe it away. This is another of our toilet rules that’s about showing respect to the other members of your household.
  5. Don’t forget to flush. This is an obvious one, but it can be easy to forget to flush if you’re in a hurry. But not anymore! Everyone will remember with a bathroom rules sign on the wall.
  6. Clean with the toilet brush if necessary. One of the general rules in the toilet is to leave it how you found it, so that can mean a quick clean-up job from time to time using the toilet brush. Add a little toilet cleaner, scrub the bowel, flush the toilet and replace the brush.
  7. Put the toilet seat down. Everyone is happier when they find the toilet how they like to use it. Putting the toilet seat down is one of the simplest toilet rules to follow and thanks to our printable toilet rules sign.
  8. Wash your hands. Another of the vital bathroom rules for personal hygiene: always remember to wash your hands. Soap, warm water, and a thorough hand washing routine will help keep germs at bay.
  9. Replace the toilet roll if necessary. It’s so frustrating to reach for the toilet roll, only to find it’s empty! However, with a toilet rules printable on the wall, that tricky situation will be a thing of the past.

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