Cushelle Tubeless Toilet Rolls

Here at Cushelle, we've ditched the cardboard tube and packed more sheets of soft paper onto every toilet roll. With extra sheets, you can rely on the Tubeless Range to last longer - meaning fewer trips to the shop!

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  • Introducing TUBELESS toilet rolls from Cushelle
  • No tube, just more of the soft toilet tissue you love!
  • More sheets per roll, means a longer lasting pack and fewer trips to the shop!
  • CO2 reduced packaging due to increased recycled plastic content*
  • Recyclable packaging**
  1. CO2 Reduced: Carbon footprint reduction of the packaging due to use of recycled plastics vs. our previous packaging made with virgin fossil based plastics, based on Life Cycle Assessments conducted by Essity and verified by third party.
  2. In the UK, please check on for your nearest collection point.  In Ireland, this packaging can be recycled with your household recycling collection.
  3. Cushelle Original Tubeless 360 sheets versus Cushelle Original Standard 180 sheets.  Cushelle Quilted Tubeless 252 sheets versus Cushelle Quilted Standard 157 sheets

Cushelle Tubeless Toilet Rolls – no tube, just more paper!

Kenny is back! And this time he is trying to get his paws on our Cushelle Tubeless Toilet Tissue. We’ve ditched the carboard tube and instead packed more sheets onto every roll. Which means, if it seems to be lasting longer than normal, that’s because it is! Have a look at our Kenny the Koala-mercial below, and get your hands on Cushelle Tubeless before he does!

Cushelle twice as long no tube less waste original toilet paper

Introducing TUBELESS Original

Tubeless Original has no tube, just more of the soft paper you love!^ This 2ply irresistibly soft toilet tissue has 360 sheets versus Cushelle Original Standard's 180 sheets. What does this mean for you? A longer lasting pack with fewer trips to the shop! Plus, Tubeless Original is made from recyclable packaging** so you can feel like you're doing your bit for the environment as well.

Cushelle Tubeless quilted toilet paper 50% longer lasting no tube less waste

...And TUBELESS Quilted!

Featuring 3ply cushiony soft toilet tissue, Tubeless Quilted is the second in our latest range of products with no tube. Having packed more sheets onto each roll, 6 rolls of Tubeless Quilted is the equivalent of 9 rolls, with 252 sheets versus Cushelle Quilted Standard's 157 sheets. Plus, there's recyclable packaging** to accompany!

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