Simple yet decadent home spa ideas to help you unwind

Simple yet decadent home spa ideas to help you unwind

Travelling to a spa is all well and good – but what about the spa coming to you? All you need are a few spa day at home ideas to create your very own pampering session. Here at Cushelle, we’ve got the lowdown on how to do your own DIY spa day treatments, and how to set up your home so your spa night is super-special.

First, set the scene

You’ll want to create that calm spa ambience in your DIY home spa. Although you’ll probably carry out most treatments in your bathroom, you could set up another space that’s warm and welcoming (especially if you have a small bathroom) – think of it as the spa ‘reception’ area! It could be your bedroom or lounge. 

Pile up cushions and blankets, lay out glossy magazines, make a cup of herbal tea, get the lighting just right (hello, dimmer switch), and put on some calming music. Get into comfy clothes, and wrap up in a soft bathrobe and slippers.

As for your ‘treatment’ area, make your bathroom more relaxing by clearing clutter (our handy DIY organiser can help with this), and bring out all those indulgent touches that’ll set it apart from a normal trip to the bathroom. Light scented candles and continue that chilled vibe from your ‘reception’ area.

You can keep the spa feeling going every day by ensuring that all those daily essentials, like your loo roll and towels, are soft and comfortable.

Pamper yourself even more by stocking the bathroom with super-soft Cushelle toilet paper.

Choose your DIY home spa treatments

You’ll want to start your DIY spa day by getting all your treatments sorted. Take your pick from the following options, or do them all:

  • Facial
  • Mani/pedi
  • Hair mask
  • Massage (willing partner or friend needed!)
  • Relaxing bath

How to give yourself a facial

A facial is probably the most complicated of all the spa day at home ideas, so it’s worth getting some advice for how to achieve that glowing complexion. Tie long hair back and pop on a headband to keep it out of the way, and then follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. Cleanse. First remove any make-up with your usual make-up remover, then apply your favourite facial cleanser to damp skin and rinse off with warm water. This is all about making your skin a ‘blank canvas’ so it can benefit from the next steps. 
  2. Exfoliate. Remove dead skin cells with your favourite exfoliator (if you’re new to this, choose one that matches your skin type). It’ll help smooth and brighten your skin. 
  3. Face pack. Your skin is now in an excellent position to soak up the goodness from a face pack. There are all sorts of options you can buy, or you can even make your own homemade face pack.
  4. Massage. Applying facial oil (or moisturiser) is the final step, and you can get the best out of it by massaging it in. This will not only help boost circulation but also release toxins and tension. Go gently in a gliding motion, sweeping upwards. Move from the sides of your nose to your hairline, from your mouth to the top of your ears, and from your chin to your temples. 

How to give yourself a manicure/pedicure 

The mani/pedi is the next of our spa night ideas that requires a bit of expert guidance. Treat your hands and feet by following this tutorial:

  1. Remove polish. Apply nail polish remover to a strong Cushelle tissue and use it wipe off any lingering varnish on your nails.
  2. Wash. Gently wash your feet in warm water to cleanse the skin. Taking the time to soak your feet for a while in a warm foot bath can be incredibly relaxing. Plus, it’ll help to soften tough nails and cuticles and make them easier to pamper.
  3. Cut. If you’ve got any obvious snags, or your nails aren’t an even length, clip them. 
  4. File. Gently move your nail file in one direction, from the outside to the centre, to shape your nails. If you have thin, fragile nails, opt for a ceramic or glass file. 
  5. Buff. Create a smooth, bright surface, and remove ridges with a nail buffer (not an emery board) to lightly buff the sides and tops of your nails.
  6. Exfoliate. Use a gentle scrub on your hands and feet to help remove dead skin cells. Wash and dry your skin thoroughly afterwards.
  7. Moisturise. It’s better to do this step now, rather than risk smudging your polish. Massage in a dedicated hand cream/foot cream to hydrate your skin and cuticles. Make sure there’s none left on your nails by swiping over with nail polish remover.
  8. Varnish. Start with a base coat to help protect and hydrate. Once it’s fully dry, apply your colour in stages – two thin layers is better than one thick coat. Aim to use only three strokes to cover your nail – start with the middle, and then one on each side. Finish with a top coat to add shine and protect your manicure from chipping.

With these spa night ideas, you can enjoy a blissful evening. Happy pampering!

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