Festive toilet roll Christmas crafts for kids

Festive toilet roll Christmas crafts for kids

If you want to make Christmas decorations with a twist, try toilet paper roll Christmas crafts! You can easily create your own unique figures using recycled materials to bring some homemade festive joy to your home. Get inspired by our two ideas for DIY Christmas decorations with toilet rolls. 

Fancy a snowman toilet roll Christmas decoration? Or maybe some DIY Christmas tree decorations that also work as napkin rings? We’ll show you what materials you need, how to make them, and how to store them safely for more festive fun next year.

Use loo rolls that have strong and sturdy cardboard inner tubes, like Cushelle toilet paper, as they’ll stand up well to crafting.

Snowman toilet roll Christmas decorations 

Snowmen are such fun festive figures, and they are easy to make as toilet roll decorations. You only need a few things for this toilet roll Christmas craft.


  • Toilet roll tubes
  • White paint and brushes (or white paper and glue)
  • Old socks (small socks work best)
  • String/elastic bands
  • Googly eyes (or pen) 
  • Buttons (or little scraps of felt)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A black pen and an orange pen

How to make snowmen Christmas decorations using toilet rolls:

  1. Start by painting the toilet roll tube white, or glue a white piece of paper around it. Leave to dry.
  2. Then make the ‘woolly hat’ by cutting a section off the top of the sock (the part with the elastic) and placing it on top of the loo roll tube. If the sock opening is too big, secure in place with some glue. 
  3. Tie the sock a bit higher up with string, or an elastic band, to create the ‘bobble’ on top of the hat.
  4. Next, cut a long strip from the toe end of the sock and tie that around the tube, about halfway down, to be the ‘scarf’. To create a long strip of sock, cut in a spiral shape. 
  5. Add the eyes, either by drawing them, or using googly eyes. 
  6. Draw on a carrot nose in orange pen, and a few dots in a curved line to be the mouth. 
  7. Then stick the buttons onto the belly. You can use mini buttons, or cut shapes from colourful felt (make sure you draw four little dots to be the buttonholes).  

You can proudly display these snowmen toilet roll Christmas decorations around your home, or even make a group of them to use as skittles in a bowling game! Now that you are an expert at making DIY Christmas decorations with toilet rolls, you can create even more characters, like angels, reindeer and Santas.

Christmas tree toilet roll crafts: napkin rings and decorations in one

Make these Christmas tree shapes and your toilet roll decorations also double up as useful additions to your Christmas dinner table. As they’re attached all the way round, they make handy napkin rings. Genius!


  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint and brushes 
  • PVA glue
  • Coloured paper/card (or a colourful picture from a magazine/comic)
  • Hole punch
  • Sequin star (optional)
  • Twine/ribbon/string (optional)

How to make Christmas tree decorations using toilet rolls:

  1. Begin by flattening the toilet roll tube and drawing your Christmas tree shape in pencil. 
  2. Cut out your shape, making sure that you cut through the front and back of the roll at the same time. Do not cut all the way around your shape: leave two joining points so that it will stay as a tube.  
  3. Use this first tree as the template to cut out the rest of the toilet roll tubes.
  4. Now it’s time to paint the tree green. Acrylic paint works best, but you can also use standard poster paints with a little PVA glue added. Leave to dry.
  5. Next up, the decorations! Use a hole punch to create tiny ‘baubles’ from your coloured paper, and stick these on with glue (you could also use sequins or stickers for this part).
  6. Then, give your tree a topper. This could be a sequin star, or a star you’ve cut out from shiny or coloured paper. 
  7. Finally, if you’d like to make your tree a hanging decoration, stick some string or ribbon to the top. 

To store your decorations, find a box that’s deep enough to hold them standing upright, and use some kitchen roll or tissue paper as padding, so they don’t rattle around. 

Now that you’ve mastered toilet paper roll Christmas crafts you can turn your hand to making toilet roll animals. Or how about some more homemade festive craft fun, like Christmas salt dough decorations? Happy crafting!

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